Hotel Heimari offers relaxation and refreshment in three different saunas. Guests are welcome to book the beach sauna, the sauna at Villa Aurala, or the sauna at Kerhola as such, or as part of a more extensive service package.

The beach sauna has separate facilities for men and women, and a cool terrace overlooking Lake Saimaa. The fireplace lounge is well-suited for enjoying snacks, beverages and good company.

There is also a large, wood-heated and wooden outdoors hot tub in the immediate vicinity of the beach sauna. Enjoying a moment of relaxation in the outdoors hot tub is a luxurious experience!

The hotel is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages at the beach saunas and at the Kerhola sauna.

We will be happy to arrange a sauna package and snacks according to your wishes. Please contact us!